Meet Jason Zuckerman

Council Member at Large

Get to know your City Council:

Councilman at Large Jason Zuckerman
Councilman at Large Jason Zuckerman

As an elected representative, my job is to really analyze what’s being proposed and make decisions that are in the best interest of the city… What is it that we’re trying to fix?

— Councilman at Large Jason Zuckerman, April 22, 2021

Recent proposals, issues, and results

Administration and Staff Restructuring Plan

Ordinance No. 21-08

The City Council voted down Mayor Clay Madden’s staff restructuring proposal at the regular City Council meeting on April 22, 2021, killing the idea of a director of administration post — for now — while giving the mayor a promise to work with him moving forward. This happened while Kreller was out on medical leave.

Zuckerman ultimately voted against the plan, expressing frustration at how divided the community had become on the director of administration issue.

“Many of the people I’ve spoken to … are enthusiastically for the proposal, many are adamantly against… And what I found is both sides seem to dismiss each other. That’s troubling to me,” said Zuckerman.

Zuckerman noted that the previous City Council voted to lower the mayor’s salary (while Donald Villere was mayor and before Zuckerman was elected), a change that was later ratified by the voters.

Zuckerman concluded his remarks by saying he could get behind the grants and contracts administrator position. “I would propose we move forward with what we can agree on… we could at least chip away at this … and that we can work together over the rest of your term. I very much enjoy working with you.”

Elected to office

Jason Zuckerman was elected Council Member at Large in the July 11, 2020, primary vote where he was the second-place finisher with 28.21% of the vote. He edged out Ernest A. Burguieres for the seat.

Mandeville has two at-large council seats, being awarded to the first- and second-place vote getters, regardless of the size of the field of candidates.

In his own words

Jason Zuckerman is a licensed architect in the State of Louisiana, having earned his Master of Architecture from Tulane University.

He has been involved in the design and construction industry for over 27 years and lived in and around the City of Mandeville since graduating from Tulane in 1993.

Jason is Vice President at The McDonnel Group, a regional general contractor specializing in ground up construction as well as renovations including design-build, specializing in educational, institutional, hospitality, healthcare, and industrial markets.

He has been with the firm since its inception twenty years ago. Jason also practices Architecture in the Mandeville area and served on the City of Mandeville’s Historic Preservation District Commission for several years prior to being elected to the City Council in addition to volunteering his time to Mandeville’s Design Review Committee.

Jason has been an active member to the American Institute of Architects since 1996, the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) since 1993, and earned his LEED AP credentials from the Green Building Certification Institute in 2009.

Jason has three children Curtis, Danny, and Sarah and is very excited to have an opportunity to help in planning for Mandeville’s future while protecting and preserving its past and everything we all love about our great city.

Source: City of Mandeville Official Website

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