Meet Jill McGuire

Council Member District III

Get to know your City Council:

District III Council Member Jill McGuire
District III Council Member Jill McGuire

Recent proposals, issues, and results

Administration and Staff Restructuring Plan

Ordinance No. 21-08

The City Council voted down Mayor Clay Madden’s staff restructuring proposal at the regular City Council meeting on April 22, 2021, killing the idea of a director of administration post — for now — while giving the mayor a promise to work with him moving forward. This happened while Kreller was out on medical leave.

McGuire voted against the proposal, indicating she might support such a proposal in the future. “I do feel that if we were to have a director of administration, it would allow you to do the stuff that needs to be done so that Mandeville is not reactive … I’m open to it eventually, but I cannot vote for it right now.”

Like Zuckerman, she cited the referendum last year to reduce the mayor’s salary as one reason for not getting on board yet.

“Things are running so smoothly now at City Hall. Trilby (Lenfant) is doing awesome. Let’s come back in a year and see where we’re at then,” District III Councilwoman Jill McGuire told the mayor during debate.

Elected to office

Jill McGuire soundly defeated Scott Discon in the July 11, 2020, election with 57.38% of the vote in District III.

In her own words

Jill McGuire grew up in the Mandeville area and is delighted to raise her children here as well.

Jill and her husband Barrett have been married for 18 years. Jill’s love of restoring old properties landed her on the Historic Preservation District Commission where she served for two years.

She and her husband live in old Mandeville and have three businesses in Old Mandeville as well.

She is delighted to served the people of District 3 on the council.

Source: City of Mandeville Official Website

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