Mayor’s plan to add two high-level positions up for vote

Topping a long agenda, the proposal initially met resistance when introduced last month

MANDEVILLE — The City Council will consider final passage of the mayor’s staff restructuring plan, including the addition of two new high-level positions. The proposal met resistance from some on the council when the measure was introduced last month.

On the heels of several high-profile departures at Mandeville City Hall filled during the opening months of his administration, Mayor Clay Madden faced backlash at the March 25th meeting from at least one council member over adding the two positions.

The positions — “Director of Administration” to head daily operations and “Grants and Contracts Administrator” to oversee contracts and grant-writing — would be appointed by the mayor. Madden plans to tap his acting executive assistant Trilby Lenfant to fill the would-be administration director post.

District II Councilman Skelly Kreller argued against the need for the positions during the nearly-four-hour meeting, which would assume a number of the duties historically handled by the mayor while reducing the role of the new executive assistant moving forward.

According to Madden, the city stands to see a net savings of $174,483 by the change, including the compensation for the two proposed positions.

The director of administration is somebody that will work in conjunction with the mayor and will have a supervisory role over projects, but not people.

— Mayor Clay Madden

Other members of the council had mixed reactions. Councilman-at-Large Rick Danielson suggested Madden hold off on the proposal until a planned salary survey is completed, while District I Councilwoman Rebecca Bush expressed support for the measure.

More About Trilby Lenfant: Trilby Lenfant is currently serving on an interim basis as Mayor Clay Madden’s executive assistant. Ms. Lenfant is a former Mandeville City Council member who ran unsuccessfully for mayor in 2010. She previously served in St. Tammany Parish President pat Brister’s administration.

Meeting Details: The meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 8th, at 6 p.m. at the Paul Spitzfaden Community Center located at 3090 E. Causeway Approach. The statewide mask mandate and social distancing will be observed. Read City Council Meeting Agenda – April 8, 2021 for the complete agenda.


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