Carwash construction request for West Causeway Approach drawing attention

Planning & Zoning Meeting Agenda – June 22, 2021

MANDEVILLE – A special use permit application to the Planning & Zoning Commission to construct a carwash facility on West Causeway Approach is drawing attention on social media in the lead-up to tonight’s meeting.

The proposal calls for the construction of a 4,320-square-foot building on a 200-by-400-foot property on the east side of West Causeway Approach, which abuts Fontainebleau Subdivision. The properties to the north and south both have office buildings on them. Skipper Drive is directly across from the site.

Site of proposed carwash on West Causeway Approach. (Mandeville Daily/William Kropog)
Site of proposed carwash on West Causeway Approach. (Mandeville Daily/William Kropog)

The property was annexed into the City of Mandeville in 2003 and zoned as Planned Combined Use (PCUD). The proposed use in this application is permitted with the approval of a zoning permit, or “Special Use Permit.”

According to information released by the Planning and Development Department, a zoning permit was approved in 2014 for the previous property owner, who also proposed a carwash facility, but that approval was contingent on special conditions, including restricting hours of operation, noise, and signage among other things.

Current applicant Chris Donner stated that his submitted site plan reflects those previous conditions, according to the city documentation.

Tonight is a “work” session which means the issue will be discussed but not voted on. The public is allowed to participate in the discussion at work sessions.

The Planning & Zoning Commission would vote at its next meeting.

Below is the published agenda for tonight’s Planning & Zoning Commission meeting, which is scheduled for 6:30PM:

Paul Spitzfaden community center
3090 E. Causeway Approach
Mandeville, Louisiana 70448

Notification of Filing Case Addendum – Any additional information determined to be needed by the Commission in order to make a decision regarding a case shall be required to be submitted to the Planning Department by the end of business on the Friday following the meeting at which the additional information was requested or the case will automatically be tabled at the next meeting.

New Business

SU21-06-03 – Frank Stuart and Vincent Luizza request a Special Use Permit to Section 6.2.6, Condominium Residence, Square 1, Parcel 3, City of Mandeville, 2055 Lakeshore Dr, Zoned B-3 Old Mandeville Business District


SU21-06-04 – Chris Donner is requesting a Special Use Permit to Section 6.4.9, A&E Wash, to allow the construction of a car wash facility at 1255 West Causeway Approach, currently zoned Planned Commercial Use District (Ordinance 03-13).

V21-06-16 – Brian Ball requests an exception to CLURO Section Allowed Setback Encroachments, Sq. 9, Lot 2A, B-3 Old Mandeville Business District, 1929 Claiborne St.

Requests to place HVAC & Generator on the East side of the house

Z21-06-04 – Omar Hamide requests a rezoning from R-1, Single Family Residential District, to R-3, Multi-Family Residential District, City of Mandeville, A Parcel of Land within Square 54 being 1701-1707 Livingston St.


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