Mayor reports only handful remain without power

City Council to vote to lift permit fees for Ida repairs

Ida damaged many more utility poles than Katrina: Entergy

Spectrum ‘quadrupled’ their local workforce: mayor

Curfew lifted by mayor

Sunset Point suffers heavy damage to pier (photos)

Lagging Jackson Avenue corridor restored Sunday night

Many Spectrum, AT&T internet customers up and running, some not so lucky

No boil-water advisory for Mandeville residents

Updated September 9, 2021, at 8:22AM: Updates the Cleco outage mage updates in last hour.

Updated September 9, 2021, at 7:42AM: Provides latest update.

MANDEVILLE — Mayor Clay Madden is reporting that fewer than 10 homes inside Mandeville city limits are without power while the Cleco outage map — which has been reasonably accurate throughout the Hurricane Ida recovery effort — shows roughly that number still in the dark.

The news is good for Mandeville just 11 days after Category 4 Hurricane Ida decimated portions of the city, leaving all of its citizens in the dark with presumably millions of dollars worth of damage to the immediate area.

Also, the City Council will consider the adoption of emergency Ordinance No. 21-40 to waive all local permit fees associated with residential and commercial building permits associated with Hurricane Ida.

Spectrum and AT&T internet and TV services returned for most in Mandeville as electricity was restored. However, there were a number of pockets of homes who were still offline as of yesterday, although a number of those are now reporting their services have been restored.

Mandevillians were greeted to damage unlike what was witnessed even after Katrina plowed through the area 16 years earlier to the day. According to various reports, more trees were toppled during this storm because the ground was already saturated due to recent rains and flash floods. This made it easier for high winds to overturn trees at the roots, and those trees are what brought down power lines in many cases.

In Old Mandeville, trees or utility poles blocked nearly every street — some at every block — at one point. It took up to 24 hours for locals or first responders to clear access to the area.

A number of Old Mandeville businesses suffered flood damage this time. La Lou, Nuvolari’s, the Grapeful Ape, and others within three blocks of the lake took on water and are effecting repairs.

Popular restaurant Nuvolari's took on several inches. (Mandeville Daily/William Kropog)
Popular restaurant Nuvolari's took on several inches. (Mandeville Daily/William Kropog)

A number of homes in Mandeville suffered significant tree and other storm-related damage. No Ida-related deaths were reported in Mandeville.

According to a graphic released by Entergy, Hurricane Ida damaged over 30,000 utility poles while Katrina took down around 17,000.

It’s going to be a while before all of Mandeville’s attractions are restored to pre-Ida states.

Sunset Point Fishing Pier suffered heavy damage and Madden said it will be closed indefinitely. The Mandeville Beach at the corner of Jackson Avenue and Lakeshore Drive was left in disarray by Ida, having all of its sand washed up on or north of Lakeshore Drive. It is unclear when the attraction will return to normal.

The regularly scheduled City Council meeting is tonight (September 9th) at the Paul Spitzfaden Community Center at 6 p.m. The mayor and other officials are expected to provide updates on the Ida recovery effort.

Mayor Clay Madden’s updates from September 9th:


I just got off the phone with a northshore manager at Spectrum. He said they have been working closely with Cleco, and now have trucks out in Mandeville. They have quadrupled their local staff and brought in out of state help. If your internet or cable TV services are currently out, then the best thing you can do is make a service call by calling 1-833-267-6094. They are open 24 hours a day. Please call that number to report your outage. If you have BOTH your internet and cable TV through Spectrum, you only have to make one call to report both. Lastly, he said the more people who call from one area, the quicker the turnaround time, so get your neighbors to call! I will provide an update on this tomorrow. For now, please call in your outages to Spectrum. Thank you!


Subject: Permit Process for Public

All plumbing, electrical, mechanical and/or structure repairs are required to be permitted and inspected. All Contractors are required to be State Licensed and Registered with the City of Mandeville. If you are unsure if you need a permit, please call the Planning Department at 985-624-3103 or email

When you submit for a permit, the Building Official will come to do an inspection to confirm the type of inspections needed. We are prioritizing processing permits associated with Ida recovery. The Permit fees are being waived for work performed due to Hurricane Ida.

Mayor Clay Madden’s update from September 8th:

I’m down to below 10 homes in Mandeville city limits without power. I drove to all on my list today and almost all had just gotten power or had linemen in front of their house. If you are still down, text me at 985-630-8578. Thank you!

Editor’s Note: When reporting on outages and restorations, Mandeville Daily often provided updates on areas immediately outside Mandeville city limits because some of those areas are pockets surrounded city limits and residents there often consider themselves “Mandeville” even though they are not officially residents, like Lewisburg and areas north of Florida Street. With that said, the above reference to exactly how many remain without power was strictly considering only those inside Mandeville city limits. Tips and story ideas:

Updated September 8, 2021, at 8:40AM: Provides latest update; Corrects Katrina anniversary reference;

MANDEVILLE — Perhaps as few as 100 households remain without power in the City of Mandeville today (September 8th) as locals continue to recover and rebuild in the wake of Category 4 Hurricane Ida, which devastated the city on the 16-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

Cleco’s outage and storm center pages paint a much rosier picture for Mandeville than just 72 hours ago when large swaths of the city were in the dark one week after Ida made landfall, showing somewhere between 100-150 households without power. The estimated times to restoration (ETRs) for the remaining isolated trouble spots in Mandeville, including a significant patch at the far western edge of the city toward Madisonville, range from today through Saturday (September 11th).

While some residents reported their Spectrum and AT&T internet services were working when the power was restored, others say those services are still down.

The mayor announced yesterday he has lifted the city-wide curfew that had been in place since the immediate aftermath of the storm.

Mayor Clay Madden’s update from September 7th:


Curfew is lifted starting now! Curfew is over. There will be no curfew tonight. Mandeville Police will continue to be on double patrol and will focus on areas that are still dark.

Debris removal is beginning today. They are not leaving until everything is picked up. If your curb is already filled up, and you have more debris, say, in the backyard, that is okay. Bring your second round debris to the curb as soon as possible after your first round debris is picked up. They will keep making passes, but please don’t wait around-get your debris to the curb as soon as possible.

Hot meals continue to be served daily at First Baptist Church in Mandeville.

I am working hard on getting the last remaining areas still without power restored. I’ll do an update post later today on this. God Bless!

Updated September 7, 2021, at 8:30AM…

MANDEVILLE — Cleco now estimates power should be restored on or by Friday for the vast majority of the approximately 400 customers still without power in Mandeville, a far cry from just several days ago when most of the city was in the dark in the wake of Category 4 Hurricane Ida, which made landfall Sunday (August 29th) on the 16-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

The Cleco outage and storm center pages show a September 10th estimated time to restoration (ETR) for most of those still without power in Mandeville.

The Jackson Avenue corridor, encompassing a significant portion of the eastern end of Old Mandeville, was reenergized Sunday night, after originally having ETRs ranging from September 8th to the 10th.

Cleco was, however, forced to cut power off twice for a few hours at a time in order to allow for excessively damaged blocks to be repaired with new equipment Monday (September 6th).

While some residents reported their Spectrum and AT&T internet services were working when the power was restored, others say those services are still down.

The popular Sunset Point Fishing Pier suffered heavy damage from Ida, according to local resident and photographer Eric McVicker who kayaked out to the attraction’s main pier for photographs. The park remains closed and will be temporarily used as a staging area for a city debris removal contractor, according to a statement by Mayor Clay Madden today. See photos below:

The popular Sunset Point Fishing Pier suffered heavy damage from Ida. (Eric McVicker Photography/Eric McVicker)
The popular Sunset Point Fishing Pier suffered heavy damage from Ida. (Eric McVicker Photography/Eric McVicker)
The popular Sunset Point Fishing Pier suffered heavy damage from Ida. (Eric McVicker Photography/Eric McVicker)
The popular Sunset Point Fishing Pier suffered heavy damage from Ida. (Eric McVicker Photography/Eric McVicker)

Garbage pickup is scheduled to resume tomorrow (September 8th) by Coastal Environmental, according to Madden. Recycling remains temporarily suspended, he added.

Mayor Clay Madden’s update from Cleco for today, September 7th:


I need to assess the areas around Mandeville still without power. I will do an update later today, however, I wanted to quickly update you on two items:

GARBAGE PICKUP: Regular garbage pickup will resume tomorrow morning (Wednesday) in Mandeville by our garbage provider, Coastal Environmental. Pickup is cart only. You can use your recycle cart for garbage and they will pickup up recyclables as garbage in tomorrow’s pickup. Recycling remains temporarily suspended. Moreover, they will NOT pickup up private round garbage cans tomorrow. They usually do, however, the mechanical truck they are using tomorrow cannot grab those-it can only grab the carts.

PARKS and DEBRIS: Neighborwoods and Paul Cordes Park (behind city hall) remain closed for clean up until further notice. SUNSET POINT remains closed until further notice and will be used as a STAGING AREA for our debris removal contractor. Debris removal begins TODAY and will continue until complete. Mandeville Police will be patrolling Sunset Point at all times. Any jokers who think it’s a good idea to sneak into Sunset Point will be arrested and heavily prosecuted. Sunset Point is an OFF LIMITS area until further notice.

Please call or text me with any questions (985-630-8578). I’ll do another power update later. God Bless!

Updated September 5, 2021, at 8:40PM: Adds power restored to Jackson Avenue strip.

MANDEVILLE — The Jackson Avenue corridor — one of last remaining major stretches of homes, spanning both south and north of Florida Street, that had been without power for a week since Hurricane Ida — finally became energized Sunday night (September 5th) after days of confusion and mixed signals over estimated times for restoration (ETRs).

The area had received an ETR of September 8th several days ago, but those who are following the progress of power restorations on Cleco’s website were disheartened this morning to see that the ETR had slipped to September 10th. But it changed yet again in the early afternoon, just before Mayor Clay Madden’s daily power update, to today’s date, September 5th.

Cleco delivered.

Officials have said since the early hours of the recovery effort that power restoration is a fluid situation that changes as more work is completed.

Customers also reported that both Spectrum and AT&T internet were already working when their lights came back on. This is a positive sign for those remaining in the dark as to when they’ll get their high-speed internet restored.

There are still significant pockets of homes without power in both Old Mandeville, Lewisburg and the far western edge of Mandeville city limits. Cleco’s posted ETRs range from September 7th to the 12th for those areas.

Updated September 5th at 3:25PM: Adds mayor and Cleco updates

MANDEVILLE — Power restoration estimates for sections of Old Mandeville still in the dark a week after Hurricane Ida struck received encouraging news today when Cleco updated its storm center and outage pages. Streets that only hours earlier had been estimated to receive power not before September 10th were given a new estimated time to restoration (ETR) of today (September 5th).

Cleco yesterday (September 4th) posted ETRs in Mandeville to show that certain key areas, such as the Jackson Avenue corridor, were set to get energized by last night, but that didn’t happen.

Then this morning, the Cleco outage map suddenly showed the same area with a September 10th ETR.

But with this afternoon’s update, the Jackson Avenue area — with a total of 365 affected households including streets north of Florida Street — should get energized tonight.

Mayor Clay Madden released a statement on social media confirming the Cleco update, saying the key streets “will receive restored power TODAY…”


Mayor Clay Madden’s update from Cleco for Sunday, September 5th:


CLECO just sent out an update that the following Mandeville streets will receive restored power TODAY (Sunday, September 5)-


• Hickory Dr

• Bon Teps Roule

• Rebecca Ln

• Wilkinson St

• Aurora St

• Tanglewood (except Elmwood St)

• Golden Shores (Part)

• Avenue D

• Livingston St

• Avenue C

• Villere St

• Avenue B

• Montgomery

• Avenue A

• Lambert St

• Mariners Island

• Tops’l Condos

• Sandra Dl Mac Dr

• St Croix

• Cayman Ct

• St Jean Deluz Ave

• Mariners Blvd

• Antibes St

• Monroe St (Lambert St to Lafayette St)

• Wilkinson St (Villere St to Lakeshore Dr)

• Lakeshore Dr (West End to Carroll St)

• Massena (South of Monroe St)

• Hermitage on the lake

• Maple St

• America St (Coffee St to Gerard St)

• Carroll St (America St to McNamara St)

• Lafite St (Caroline St to America St)

• Adair St (Monroe St to Hwy 190)

• Reine St

• Albert St

• Prieto St

• Atalin St (Madison south)

• Woodlawn lane

Again, we are down to clusters of homes on

select streets that are still out. Please feel free to let me know and I’ll continue to contact CLECO.

A lot of folks have been asking me about Spectrum. If a tree knocked out your internet line, you will continue to have problems. Make an outage report to spectrum online using your phone if possible. However, in these situations it is common for Spectrum to hold off for a few days to allow for the electric companies to go first. However, I have seen some Spectrum trucks in some areas today.

God Bless!

Updated September 5, 2021, at 7AM: Adds lates info in a rolling update
Updated September 5, 2021, at 12:01PM: Adds no boil-water advisery

MANDEVILLE — After setbacks and letdowns, a significant number of blacked out areas of Mandeville were reenergized yesterday (September 4th), but a long list of other streets and strips that were estimated to have power by last night are still without, according to the latest information posted by Cleco and Mandeville Mayor Clay Madden.

In the last several days, Cleco created a special webpage where it provides a more detailed listing of estimated times to restoration (ETRs) down to the street level. Before Friday, those estimates were only delivered to public officials. Madden has posted those Cleco updates routinely since cell and internet services were restored to the City of Mandeville government and emergency response team after a 24-hour failure of the AT&T cellular network following landfall of Category 4 Hurricane Ida Sunday night.

According to the Cleco “Storm Center” webpage, the power company missed their ETRs for a long list of troublesome streets and strips in Mandeville, including the Jackson Avenue corridor and Monroe Street, targeted for yesterday (September 4th). Other areas including Marigny Trace, Colbert Street, Old Golden Shores and Brookside Drive could be four to 10 more days:

Cleco’s Estimates as of Saturday, Sept. 4, 2021

ETR, Sept. 4:

Dupard St (Coffee to Gerard St), Coffee St (Focher to Dupard), Focher St, Webster St, Lamarque St at Claiborne St, Claibirne St at Gerard St, Madison St at Gerard St, Monroe St at Gerard St, Claiborne St at Lafitte St, Colbert St (north of Hwy 190), Carmel Dr, Greenfielld Dr, Monterey Dr, Kingfisher Dr, Marigny Trace Subdivision, Jackson Ave (Lakeshore to Monroe), Atalin St (Madison to Montgomery), Albert St (Monroe to Villere St), Livingston (Jackson Ave to Colbert St), Bayou Dr, Ridgewood Loop (Part), Live Oak Dr (Part), Sandra Lee Dr (Part), Heavens Dr, Beau Chen, Penns Chapel Park, Lovers Ln (Brookside Dr North), Elmwood Pl, Park Dr (Brookside to Forest Dr), and Forest Dr (West part)

Marigny Trace, 2-4 days

Colbert St., 2-4 days

Old Golden Shores, 4 days

Brookside Dr., 8-10 days

These are the current outage maps as of publication time today at 7 a.m., Sunday, September 5th (

Cleco outage map for western Mandeville as of 7AM Sunday, September 5th, 2021. (Mandeville Daily/Cleco)
Cleco outage map for western Mandeville as of 7AM Sunday, September 5th, 2021. (Mandeville Daily/Cleco)
Cleco outage map for eastern Mandeville as of 7AM Sunday, September 5th, 2021. (Mandeville Daily/Cleco)
Cleco outage map for eastern Mandeville as of 7AM Sunday, September 5th, 2021. (Mandeville Daily/Cleco)

Mandeville Daily will provide updates on this information throughout the day (September 5th).

Work is underway to restore the popular Mandeville Beach at the corner of Lakeshore Drive and Jackson Avenue to its pre-Ida state. Workers have moved all the sand that had been deposited onto and north of Lakeshore Drive to a staging area closer to the beach park.

This City of Mandeville has not issued a boil-water advisory related to Hurricane Ida. Those who pay their water bill to the City of Mandeville do not have to boil their water.

Workers moving the huge amount of sand from the Mandeville Beach which Ida lifted and deposited onto and north of Lakeshore Drive. (Mandeville Daily/William Kropog)
Workers moving the huge amount of sand from the Mandeville Beach which Ida lifted and deposited onto and north of Lakeshore Drive. (Mandeville Daily/William Kropog)

Numerous food, ice and water distribution points have been set up in and around Mandeville, including local churches such as Church of the King and First Baptist Church of Mandeville.

Here are Madden’s updates from Saturday, September 4th:


Okay folks, here’s the long awaited Saturday post. I was not able to talk to my two local CLECO contacts today as they are working hard in the trenches. However, I spoke to a gentleman at the CLECO main office in Alexandria who worked the Mandeville area during Katrina. I gave him all the questions I had about certain areas and he is going to contact all the substation managers and send me updates piecemeal. So I won’t do one big post later today. Rather, I’ll post as I get updates on certain areas.

First and foremost, the answer to the question “ALL MY NEIGHBORS GOT THEIR POWER BACK ON EXCEPT ME AND THE TWO OTHER HOUSES AROUND ME” needs to be given. Per the CLECO rep I spoke with, this is typically caused by a service wire or fuse going to your house, or a row of three houses, being damaged. What can you do? PLEASE REPORT THIS TO CLECO ASAP!!! HINT: doing this online, rather than calling 1-800-623-6537, may expedite the process. So I would report it online. He told me they want to get these situations addressed ASAP while they are in the area, so please report this to them online ASAP. I’ve gotten this question from Girod St to Claiborne St to Marigny Ave to Monroe St to Heavens Drive. Please report all of these to CLECO!

Based on both feedback from Mandeville city limits residents and the outage map, here are the areas I asked for reports on (in no particular order):

-Heavens Drive/Chateau Village/Cedarwood

-Kleber St/Park Ave/Carondelet St

-Marigny Ave/Carroll St/Coffee St/Girod St/Monroe St

-West Beach area

-The Shadows/Fontainebleau near service road entrance



-Mariners Village

-Parts of New Golden Shores, Old Golden Shores and The Sanctuary

Several subdivisions and areas came on in Mandeville yesterday and last night which is great news. I’m not going to stop until every Mandeville resident is fully restored.

Old Mandeville residents-please know that your particular situation may be a little more difficult to ascertain because of the long roads, both north/south and east/west. Some streets will have power on at some, but not all, of their houses. I’ve asked about every request that has come to me and will do my best to get the information out there. I have no indication that entire Old Mandeville streets are still completely out. All of them have some houses with power.

Again, as I get the info from the CLECO contact, I will post it. Thank you for your ongoing patience.

Thanks to our state GOHSEP office and a company we contracted with out of Texas called FPS recovery, our lift stations that still don’t have power will all have generators or pump trucks and we will be able to maintain service completely. Big thanks to our Public Works Director Keith LaGrange for his leadership here.


CLECO is starting to flip switches and more homes are starting to come on in Mandeville right now as we speak. Here is a list CLECO just put out for those who should get power restored today:


• Dupard St (Coffee to Gerard St)

• Coffee St (Focher to Dupard)

• Focher St

• Webster St

• Lamarque St at Claiborne St

• Claibirne St at Gerard St

• Madison St at Gerard St

• Monroe St at Gerard St

• Claiborne St at Lafitte St

• Colbert St (north of Hwy 190)

• Carmel Dr, Greenfielld Dr

• Monterey Dr

• Kingfisher Dr

• Marigny Trace Subdivision

• Jackson Ave (Lakeshore to Monroe)

• Atalin St (Madison to Montgomery)

• Albert St (Monroe to Villere St)

• Livingston (Jackson Ave to Colbert St)

• Bayou Dr

• Ridgewood Loop (Part)

• Live Oak Dr (Part)

• Sandra Lee Dr (Part)

• Heavens Dr

• Beau Chen

• Penns Chapel Park

• Lovers Ln (Brookside Dr North)

• Elmwood Pl

• Park Dr (Brookside to Forest Dr)

• Forest Dr (West part)

I still hope to get reports on those areas I asked about earlier today. Thanks!

Updated September 2, 2021, at 2:22PM: Corrects mayor’s language to ‘highly likely’ on power restorations.

Updated September 2, 2021, at 1:30PM: Adds Thursday update from mayor
Updated September 2, 2021, at 10AM: Adds Spectrum restoration source.
Updated September 2, 2021, at 6:20AM: Adds Cleco power restoration statement.

MANDEVILLE — A number of neighborhoods and businesses will likely get electrical power tonight as Cleco is set to energize key substations, according to Mayor Clay Madden.

Madden, in his daily Ida recovery update, said he spoke to Cleco officials today and they tell him that Greenleaves, Golden Glen, Lakewood Heights, Mariner’s Village, New Golden Shores, the Causeway Blvd. system, some in Old Golden Shores, and the surrounding commercial areas from Rouse’s to Neighborhood Walmart are “highly likely” to be energized tonight. Also Mandeville City Hall and the Mandeville Police complex are expected to get power.

However, the call from Cleco brought bad news for other areas, as officials told the mayor areas near Jackson Avenue could be another four-to-five days, and Tanglewood another week.

The entire St. Tammany Parish electrical grid went down as Hurricane Ida plowed through the region on the Hurricane Katrina anniversary August 29th, and original estimates from various sources were that Mandeville could be without power and other services for two weeks or longer, which is apparently no longer the case.

The report on the Jackson Avenue area jives with what several locals with businesses in the area said they were told by power company workers who felt confident that power in Old Mandeville would be restored by Monday, Labor Day, which would be four days from now.

A Spectrum worker who preferred not to be identified because they are not authorized to speak on behalf of the company told Mandeville Daily that typically the Spectrum repair trucks roll right along with or directly behind Cleco trucks in a coordinated effort, so Spectrum service restoration often follows on the heals of Cleco.

However, this individual said that as of yesterday (September 1st) there was a problem with the main line that provides service from Slidell to the western half of St. Tammany Parish at present. Currently there are several dozen “faults” between Mandeville and Slidell that need to be diagnosed and repaired before western St. Tammany Parish — including Mandeville — has service.

This means Spectrum internet could lag several days behind Cleco’s restoration in this scenario — but not necessarily — according to the source.

Customers with AT&T fiber optic internet service are reporting that their internet connections returned with the electricity being restored or hooking up generators.

Madden announced yesterday (September 1st) that there “soon will be” two points of distribution in St. Tammany parish for MREs (U.S. military meals-ready-to-eat), water and possibly ice. Those locations are: First Baptist Church, 16333 Highway 1085, Covington, and Heritage Park, 1330 Bayou Lane, Slidell.

The mayor also said he is pushing to have a third location set up in Mandeville soon.

The recovery effort hasn’t been without trouble. A man was arrested yesterday for allegedly causing a fight at a Mandeville gas station. “This will not be tolerated and fighters will go to jail,” the mayor added.

The mayor also cautioned residents that because there are still many downed power lines throughout Old Mandeville they are not marking them all with cones or barricades.

Mandeville Police are actively enforcing a ban on sightseers along the Lakeshore Drive area, stopping cars or pedestrians to confirm they either live in the affected location or are actively assisting someone in recovery or repairs. Madden previously announced a zero-tolerance policy to deal with violators.

A citywide curfew remains in effect from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m., Madden said.

The popular “Mandeville Beach” at the corner of Lakeshore Drive and Jackson Avenue appears to have suffered catastrophic damage. While structural damage to the playground facilities was minimal, most if not all of the sand from the beach was moved by the storm surge to the northern side of Lakeshore Drive.

Looking east along Lakeshore Drive at what was the Mandeville Beach. The sand that was to the right has been completely moved to the roadway and north of the roadway. Part of the sidewalk at the pedestrian been was washed out too. (Mandeville Daily/William Kropog)
Looking east along Lakeshore Drive at what was the Mandeville Beach. The sand that was to the right has been completely moved to the roadway and north of the roadway. Part of the sidewalk at the pedestrian been was washed out too. (Mandeville Daily/William Kropog)

To see more photos of Old Mandeville damage, check out the Mandeville Daily Facebook page.

Here is Mayor Clay Madden’s complete public statement for Thursday, September 2nd:


As I’m writing this, I just received a call from CLECO:

Two substations in Old Mandeville are likely to go HOT tonight-the Penn Street and the Lambert Street subs. It is highly likely that Mandeville City Hall, Mandeville Police Station, Greenleaves, Golden Glen, Lakewood Heights and the surrounding commercial areas from Rouse’s to Neighborhood Wal Mart will go hot tonight. This also includes Mariners Village, New Golden Shores, and the Causeway. Some in Old Golden Shores are on the Causeways system. Certain areas of Old Mandeville could come on tonight. Areas near Jackson Avenue could be another 4-5 days. Tanglewood is looking like another week. It is still a fluid situation.

Cleco could NOT give me an estimate on the Sanctuary substation. They hope to later today. This sub feeds most of the neighborhoods along the west approach such as Weldon Park, Woodstone, Fontainebleau, The Sanctuary, Beau Rivage and includes me in the back of Old Golden Shores along with Lewisburg. I will continue to connect with Cleco on this for the duration of the storm recovery.

Curfew is still in effect for night time, but the times have been adjusted to 10pm to 6am. MPD will continue to strictly enforce this.

The Point of Distribution (POD) for the west side of the parish is now open at First Baptist Church in Covington-16333 Highway 1085. They have MREs, water and ICE.

I am continuing to fight hard for a POD in Mandeville. In the meantime, the First Baptist Church in Mandeville, located at 1895 Highway 190, will have water all day and 1500 hot meals today from 4-6pm. I have put in an official WebEOC request for tarps and ice. The biggest requests I’m getting are for tarps and ice. Anyone who has these, I’m diverting to the First Baptist Church in Mandeville. I hope to have these items there sometime today. Stay tuned! Unfortunately, I as the Mayor have NO control over gasoline. Those are private businesses. However, I have made all elected officials above me aware that we have a gas shortage in Mandeville.

The majority of our roads are now passable. A big thanks to our Department of Public Works, Mandeville Police, and Fire District 4, for intense tree cutting the last few days, along with our debris contractor. There are a few exceptions-roads with trees or poles tangled in power lines. Do not go near, or drive under, any hanging trees or power posts that are tangled in power lines.

Debris pickup will begin on Tuesday, September 7. This includes green waste/trees, construction and demolition, and white goods (appliances). Please separate these piles as best you can to speed up the process. Anyone who did not get their trash cart picked up on Wednesday, please have it by the curb on Saturday morning for pickup. NOTHING BAGGED will be picked up by either our debris contractor or garbage provider. This is because they cannot see what is in it. Bagged garbage will NOT be picked up.

Our Emergency Response and Recovery consultants have been assessing city assets. We’ve made the determination that the following public parks are CLOSED until further notice-Paul Cordes Park behind City Hall and Neighborwoods. The Tammany Trace is closed. Additionally, the walking bridge near Jackson Ave. on Lakeshore Drive sustained damage and is barricaded.

TREES-if you have a leaning tree on private property and you fear it will fall on your property, it is your responsibility to remove it. The city cannot go on private property. If you fear a leaning tree may fall on a city right of way or utility line, call our planning department at 985-624-3103 or email at However, our debris monitoring contractor will be assessing all leaning trees on city right of ways.

Please stay tuned for further updates. My cell is 985-630-8578. Thank you!

This is a developing story. We will continue to provide updates on the Hurricane Ida recovery efforts here.


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