Sign code review details revealed for vote by P&Z tonight

Approval of scope of work comes before Planning and Zoning Commission

Top-to-bottom review of Article 10 of CLURO could open door to return of ‘electronic message centers,’ critics say

MANDEVILLE — The Planning and Zoning Commission will consider a resolution defining the scope of work for a top-to-bottom review of the city’s sign code, or Article 10 of the Comprehensive Land Use Regulation Ordinance.

Mandeville’s sign code was a hot topic last year and electronic signs were killed by the council, which then later voted to authorize a review of the sign code. Tonight’s measure defines the scope of work for that review and opens the selection process for a contractor to perform the work.

The directive lays out eight areas of concern to be addressed by the would-be contractor:

  • Creating regulations that provide a means of implementing the policies & goals of the City of Mandeville Comprehensive Plan and other related long-range planning policy documents;
  • Creating regulations that address market trends, incorporate best practices and address contextual issues throughout the City;
  • Removing or amending outdated or inappropriate standards;
  • Removing redundancies and conflicts;
  • Creating clear definitions and terminology;
  • Ensuring all regulations and prohibitions are compliant with the Louisiana and United States Constitutions, including but not limited to content neutrality and other 1st Amendment considerations;
  • Providing graphics and illustrations to supplement, replace and/or clarify written regulations; and
  • Crafting regulations that provide for effective administrative enforcement;

The proposed scope of work reads in part:

“Mandeville’s focus is [to] establish clear, responsible sign regulations with appropriate design criteria that will provide opportunities for innovative and creative approaches to sign usage while maintaining its status as an economically viable and sustainable wooded coastal community that exists in harmony with its abundant environmental resources, preserves its rich cultural history and endeavors to enhance of the quality of life for future generations.”

The proposal also calls for participation from the community:

“The Sign Code review process should engage and encourage the involvement of community leaders, key stakeholders, business owners, economic development partners and interested citizens. Public engagement is expected from the consultant, though substantial base vision data already exists in the various adopted long-range plans.”

The city will accept sealed responses from consultants interested in performing the review, after which the city will make and negotiate its final selection.

Read the proposed resolution for the scope of work for the review of the sign code here.

Read the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting agenda here.

The Planning and Zoning Commission meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. tonight at the Spitzfaden Community Center.


2 thoughts on “Sign code review details revealed for vote by P&Z tonight

  1. This “scope of work” clearly lays the groundwork for revisiting electronic message center and digital signs which the public has repeatedly and loudly opposed. The most unfortunate thing is that lip service is being given to public input but it will be very limited and tightly controlled. There are very specific references to minimizing opportunities to hear from the public This has been carefully crafted to avoid the pesky citizens who pay too close attention.

    A direct quote from the scope of work:

    “The Planning & Zoning Commission will function as the citizen advisory committee for revising the Sign Code, with focus groups or other engagement methods targeting key stakeholder groups to the extent deemed necessary.”


  2. So we now need an outside paid consultant to tell us what signs we like or do not like? The existing sign code seems to have worked well for years. What’s changed?


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